If you want a basic system, you might want to think about installing between 4 to 8 internal and/or external cameras.

Your cameras would all be connected to a hard drive or to the cloud by cables. If you’re using a hard drive, this type of system usually comes with 1TB of hard drive footage – enough storage to record approximately 2 weeks’ worth of footage. This would work well for you if you want to record footage whilst you’re on holiday as the capacity of this system is ideal for the typical length of a holiday. So, what sort of prices do basic systems attract? An entry level system like the Hikvision Hiwatch 4 Channel 4MP IP CCTV Camera Kit is priced at around £350 with 4 cameras. If you want professional installation, you’ll be looking at an additional £400 for labour costs. If you decide that you require an 8-camera system like the Hikvision Hiwatch 8 Channel 4MP IP CCTV Camera Kit you should expect to pay approximately £800 and a further £600 for installation fees. The above pricing is only for a guide as other factors will apply like location of the cameras and type of mountings. External cameras will require an external grade cat5e cable, additional cost could be for equipment hire for high installations.